Virtual Servers

Triple C’s Virtual Servers include advanced and innovative cloud solutions which enable customers to enjoy advanced possibilities without the need of purchasing servers, storage or hosting

Security Services

Triple C’s Security Services include protection and security solutions which include firewall services, Antivirus, Antispam, protection and security for data, servers, sites, applications and communication systems

Backup Services

Triple C’s Backup Services include remote backup solutions which enable to backup critical data, that is in constant risk, to a safe and secured site


Triple C provides DR as a Service, a high quality and effective solutions for the end user’s virtual VMware based servers.

Mail Services

Triple C’s Mail Services include local mail solutions of Hosted Exchanged and Office 365 which include full support in Hebrew by Triple C 

Microsoft Services

Microsoft solutions by Triple C include comprehensive computing solutions and innovative cloud technologies which enable advanced management and control capabilities while saving costs

Professional services

Triple C provides professional services in an array of products and solutions, including different IT systems, storage and backup systems, network equipment, security services, different OS, a variety of Middleware software, Hypervisors from different providers and even support in end-point stations.

CDN Service

Triple C's CDN Service (Content Delivery Network) is a distributed service for a variety of content distribution files.

Web Hosting

Triple C’s Web Hosting Services include solutions from hosting a single site in a costumed infrastructure to site managing platforms and multiple site resources with advanced control and management capabilities.

WiFi as a Service

Triple C provides a WiFi as a Service solution which provides a fast WiFi using a centralized secure management system and enables businesses with limited access to resources to provide access to a fast, secure and reliable wireless network, without dedicated workers.

Time and Attendance

TimeBit Cloud, an employee time and attendance system from Synerion, an expert in time and attendance solutions, enables reporting, tracking and management of attendance and absences, as well as tasks performed, of both your office and field employees.

Cloud Call Center

Cloud Call Center services provide all of the necessary technological serves for the modern office in the cloud, and on all types of Internet infrastructures