Triple C Hosting Services comes in various configurations, from a single 1U server up to dedicated Rack cabinets with customized power feeds, starting from 3.5KW per Rack up to 12KW for high density Rack cabinets. Triple C Data Center infrastructures are on the edge of the technology to provide the customer with the most advanced Hosting Services.

As a leading company in providing and implementation of computing infrastructures, Triple C offers a full and comprehensive solution for hosting including:

  • Assistance in design and installation of the infrastructures according to the customer's needs
  • Selling computing infrastructures to the customer with an affordable finance funding up to 36 payments
  • Management and maintenance of the infrastructures by Triple C’s expert team
  • Hosting the system in the most advanced Data Center facility in Israel

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Saves Time

  • Triple C Data Center – is compliant with the highest availability standards in the market – TIER 4 with 99.995% of uptime
  • 24x7 support option – for system and network support on demand
  • One Stop Shop – Triple C various cloud services solves as many office requirements as possible and saves time searching, planning and integrating solutions

Saves Money

  • Funding Options and up to 36 monthly payments when purchasing computing equipment
  • Hosting scalability varies from 1U to full dedicated cabinets to minimize the cost of the hosting service to the optimal level
  • Cloud services saves software costs by offering a small monthly payment and software updates included

Saves Resources

  • High density Rack capability for saving resources with racks from 3.5KW up to 12KW for very high density hosting
  • Infrastructure Management and maintenance options by Triple C's expert team
  • Server management and maintenance options by Triple C's expert team

Internet and Cloud

Connect to our Internet and Cloud

Hosting Facility

Maximal levels of  redundancy and survivability

Financing Options

Financing transactions and payment plans

Management & Maintenance

With the help of our expert team

Work Plans

Designed for your needs and equipment

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Additional Services

Facility Infrastructure

Triple C’s data center was planes, built and managed according to the highest standards in the industry and provides the client with a safe, available and advanced environment for hosting physical IT infrastructure 

Business Continuity

Triple C BCP services Include process mapping and preparation of emergency plans for the organization, preparation and a sequence of operations in emergency scenarios, periodic drills and testing