Welcome to the
Data Center of Israel

Partners Program 

The Program for Triple C’s Cloud Partners enables control and management of customers and cloud resources. The program enables the partner to use advanced systems, without any effort and to purchase personal cloud system independently and automatically which include different and varied programs. 

Cloud Computing

  • Cloud and disk services 
  • Remote computing services (ITaaS)
  • Remote software and application services (SaaS)
  • Virtual machines on various infrastructures
  • Easy to use mail services
  • Communication and data protection services
  • Internet-based automatic backup services
  • Website hosting

Rights & Obligations

  • Use of cloud infrastructure
  • Clear and equal billing
  • Self-operating of systems
  • Self-support in customers
  • Automatic self-billing of customers
  • Option for independent cloud display
  • Possibility to compete against cloud giants
  • Possibility for fixed income
  • Commitment for high-level knowledge

Silver Plan

  • Complete control of the partner
  • Over 100 different services and add-ons
  • Complete and tailored guides
  • Partner user interface
  • Payment via credit card

Gold Plan

  • Complete control of the partner
  • Over 150 different services and add-ons
  • Complete and tailored guides
  • Permanent marketing content
  • Partner control panel
  • Payment via credit card

Worldwide Partners:
Triple C Cloud Computing has been chosen as one of 15 worldwide partners that are able to market Microsoft cloud solutions. As a member of Microsoft Cloud OS Network, Triple C is marketing the Windows Azure Pack as one of its cloud solutions.

Triple C has won the awards for the 2014 Microsoft partner of the year
The company has won two awards which include:
Worldwide Hosting Partner of the Year Award
Country Partner of the Year Award
Computing solutions:
Triple C has the first public computing cloud in Israel. This cloud provides solutions and products from a variety of companies, such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Google, VMware, and more. Triple C provides computing solutions for more than 20 years, including a variety of solutions and products from most of the big computing manufacturers, including Oracle, NetApp, Microsoft, VMware, HP, IBM, and Lenovo - while creating solutions and providing services.

Triple C has an ISO 90001:2008 international standard accreditation for quality management that ensures quality and proper working regulations in the management of services and products. The company has an ISO 27001:2005 international standard accreditation for data protection management, a standard that ensures operations for organizations of varying sizes for the prevention of data leakage and combating attacks on data systems.