Triple C provides software from Microsoft, VMware and Symantec which enables technological improvements in the highest possible quality available today from the market software leaders. The software Triple C provides enables you to empower your abilities and realize your personal and business potential while saving your costs. 

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VMware  Software

Virtualization Software from VMware

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Microsoft Software

Software from Microsoft

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Symantec Software

Security Sofrware from Symantec

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Significant Cost Saving

Microsoft Software

Symantec Software

VMware Software

Smart and Efficient Performance

VMware Software

  • Proven virtualization solutions – from the desktop, via the data center to the cloud, which provides the energy for the business, while reducing costs.
  • Saves money – consolidating servers saves electricity, air-conditioning, floor space, and hardware, and so provides a quick return on investment within a few months.
  • User experience – working on a virtual server is identical to working on a physical server. In fact, both the end user and the network manager will not feel any difference in this work configuration. Add to that the fact that almost any operating system or software can be run on this virtual infrastructure with no need for special adjustments.
  • Isolating malfunctions and security – a complete isolation between the virtual servers that work on the same physical infrastructure. In case of load or damage to one virtual server, the work of the other virtual servers that are on the same physical server will not be affected.

Symantec Software

  • Protect your data and your infrastructures – no matter where they are stored.
  • Varied security solutions – ranging from protection of user identity and on-line user interaction to protection of the organization’s critical data. Symantec helps customers and organizations manage their business world securely, with solutions for security, storage and management, which are intended to help its customers – ranging from private users and customers, including global organizations, to protect and manage their information against increasing threats, more efficiently than any other company.
  • The leading security solutions in the industry – Symantec’s global intelligence network is a great resource for the company’s customers, providing real time diagnosis of digital threats in almost any location in the world. Symantec has more than 40,000 sensors distributed in 180 countries and more than 6000 security management facilities.

Microsoft Software

  • A variety of Microsoft software – ranging from operating systems to Office software. Microsoft’s product line includes operating systems for personal computers, server applications for the customer’s/server’s environment, business and consumer applications, interactive media programs, Internet platforms and development tools.
  • Innovative products – that answer the evolving needs of its customers. Microsoft’s great investment in research and development, together with its deep commitment to its customers’ feedback, enables it to offer technological improvements that allow it to provide the customers with the highest quality software products available today.
  • Organizations can become more efficient and successful – if they equip their people with the tools they require solving problems and making good use of opportunities. The programs that Microsoft offers the users allow them to grow their capabilities and realize their personal, business and organizational potential.

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Additional Services

Laptops and Workstations

Triple C provides a variety of Lenovo laptops and PC's at the forefront of technology. The products demonstrate reliability and are easy to work with and come with a 3 year guarantee


Triple C provides Intel servers as well as IBM Power servers that are meant to provide you with better, smarter and more effective performance with extensive leeway for managing your workloads easily and affectively