Time and Attendance

TimeBit Cloud, an employee time and attendance system from Synerion, an expert in time and attendance solutions, enables reporting, tracking and management of attendance and absences, as well as tasks performed, of both your office and field employees.

TimeBit Cloud allows registration of new employees, employee data management, authorizations, stamping clock data directly from the application, as well as the viewing and editing of employee timesheets. Moreover, the system enables the validation of reports by both employee and manager, provides a variety of reports (monthly attendance, total daily/monthly hours, errors, location at the time of report submission, tasks preformed etc.), as well as hours analysis in compliance with the employee’s work agreement, prepares the data for payroll calculation and more.
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Saves Time

  • TimeBit Cloud service is accessible from any place at any time, while assuring fully secured information
  • TimeBit Cloud service uses a user friendly and intuitive automated system that provides updated and accurate information, saving time and paperwork.

Saves Money

  • TimeBit Cloud service enables preparation for payroll calculation assures accurate pay based on attendance, resulting in overpay savings.
  • TimeBit Cloud service enables hours analysis in compliance with work agreements (monthly/hourly pay and more).

Saves Resources

  • TimeBit Cloud service doesn't require installment. Simply register, connect and report.
  • TimeBit Cloud service enables digital reporting by web system or smartphone application, including location identification.


From anywhere at anytime

Simple Track

Using various reports

Data Protection

Strict data security

Cost Effective

Saves time and paperwork

Easy to Use

Intuitive and friendly interface

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