Facility Infrastructure

At the age where data technologies stand at the center of the business world, the need for supporting infrastructures is growing.  Triple C’s data center was planned, built and managed according to the highest standards in the industry and provides the client with a safe, available, innovative and advanced environment for hosting physical IT  infrastructures and cloud computing services. Triple C’s data center holds the highest levels of survivability in energy infrastructures, connectivity in bandwidth, advanced storage and backup services, data security and physical security. 

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Network & Security

  • Network Level Protection
  • Dynamic Packet Filtering
  • Application Level Attack
  • Security Zones
  • IPS

700 Databases

  • 350 underground databases   
  • 350 aboveground databases  
  • Control rooms, security, management and control
  • Workrooms for clients 

1000 Tons AC

  • Different temperature Chillers for efficiency
  • Database cooling systems at N+1 configuration 
  • Floor cooling systems systems at N+1 configuration 
  • Double water supply systems 

5MV UPS Output

  • 2 clusters of UPS
  • 4 battery columns of each UPS system
  • Each UPS cluster at N+1 configuration 

5MV Generator Output

  • 2 generator systems
  • Regeneration feeds of 2.5MV x 2
  • Each generator cluster at N+1 configuration  

5MV Electric Output

  • 2 high voltage feeds – 2.5MV x 2
  • Transformation stations 2.5MV x 2
  • KW12 deliver ability or A64 to the database
  • Double electrical panels and double inputs 

5MV Feeds

Double power feeds to servers

Tier4 Facility

Maximal level of redundancy and survivability 

3 Levels

For varies abilities of server deployments

2 Power Feeds

From IEC to server feeds

One Business Site

Using Triple C’s communication, hosting and cloud services 

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Additional Services

Disaster Recovery

Triple C DR services include duplication of the computing systems that are critical to the organization, continuously and automatically to the company’s secure and protected facility


Triple C hosting services comes in various levels of storage capacity, starting with a single U1 server up to cabinets of dedicated servers with a power supply customized to the needs of the client