Triple C provides Intel servers as well as IBM Power servers that are meant to provide you with better, smarter and more effective performance with extensive leeway for managing your workloads easily and affectively considerable cost savings. Our Intel servers promise faster access to data, high security and proven reliability for a wide range of business needs. IBM Power server supports Big Data for performance improvement and they are adjusted to support a lot of data aimed for intensive analytical applications, in a way that will help organize, and expand your business.

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Intel based HP Servers

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Intel Based Servers

Dell Servers

HP Servers

Lenovo Servers

IBM Power Servers

Intel Servers
  • Triple C provides Intel servers with smart and efficient performance, which ensures quicker access to data, a high level of security and proven reliability for a wide range of business needs. Intel’s servers will help by providing you with a smart and efficient way to organize your organizational information. With today’s increasing needs for new services, for dealing with huge amounts of information and cost savings, whether for internal organizational infrastructures or for cloud service suppliers, there is a demand for new and efficient ways to manage these needs for infrastructure. The Intel based servers are leaders in performance and have maximum flexibility to provide the customer with great leeway in managing workloads easily and efficiently.
IBM Servers
  • IBM Power Servers will help your organization in three levels. First, the innovative Power servers are designed to support great amounts of data (Big Data) and improve your organization’s performance. Today, with the continuing growth of information from a great number of sources, organizations are searching for innovative ways to produce insights. Explore how IBM’s servers are suitable for great amounts of information and can perform intensive analytical applications that will help your organization to grow and expand. In addition, IBM’s Power servers provide excellent “cloud economics”. Your organization’s IT infrastructures are important. Response time is becoming shorter, demands are rising and organizations must supply enormous amounts of information to the workers, customers and partners using browsers, applications and services on a large range of devices and apparatuses. An efficient and effective cloud must have an efficient and effective basis. Here is where IBM’s Power servers enter the picture and provide an organizational transformation and excellent performance. As an open platform, IBM’s Power systems are creating a revolution in the development process and the supply of innovative technologies. Power servers give you freedom and flexibility that are customized to your business needs. The open platform provides you with the freedom to expand your options for faster, more efficient and economical technological development.

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Triple C provides software from Microsoft, VMware and Symantec which enables technological improvements in the highest possible quality available today from the market software leaders

Laptops and Workstations

Triple C provides a variety of Lenovo laptops and PC's at the forefront of technology. The products demonstrate reliability and are easy to work with and come with a 3 year guarantee