Disaster Recovery

Triple C DR services includes duplication of customer's critical computing systems in a continuously and automatically manor to Triple C secure and protected facility, flexibly suited to the needs of the customer. The services include computing resources, storage, communication, data security and additional tools to perform the operations necessary for recovery in case of a disaster or an emergency, with the option of using Triple C’s cloud, hosting and communication resources. The services are based on a data synchronization service combined with a minimal system resource while keeping a high maintenance level and a proper solution when customer's primary site is compromised from any reason. The service is offered to open systems such as UNIX or Windows, providing a comprehensive system solution.

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Saves Time

  • Disaster recovery services in Triple C's cloud saves the expense of purchasing a full system and enables monthly payments for keeping minimal system resource that can expand when needed
  • Funding Options and up to 36 monthly payments when purchasing computing equipment
  • Hosting scalability varies from 1U to full dedicated cabinets to minimize the cost of the hosting service to the optimal level

Saves Money

  • Disaster recovery services in the cloud saves the expense of purchasing and enables monthly payments for equipment maintenance
  • Option for Financing and spreading out payments up to 36 months if necessary to sell computing equipment
  • Hosting capability varies from U1 to entire cabinets to minimize the cost of hosting to the optimal level

Saves Resources

  • Availability of hosting facility in case of DR save the expenses of purchasing operatioonal and protection equipment  
  • Ability to pack servers to save resources with racks of 3.5KW to 12KW for high density hosting 
  • Option for management and maintenance of servers by a team of Triple C experts

7*24 Support

Helpdesk available at all hours of the day

Work Stations

For ongoing work and deployment abilities in case of emergency

Alternate Site

Provision of alternate site with mail replication for the main site

Disaster Scenarios

Defining actions to prevent critical data and time loss

DR Services

Ability for a monthly payment for DR services

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Additional Services

Business Continuity

Triple C BCP services Include process mapping and preparation of emergency plans for the organization, preparation and a sequence of operations in emergency scenarios, periodic drills and testing


Triple C hosting services comes in various levels of storage capacity, starting with a single U1 server up to cabinets of dedicated servers with a power supply customized to the needs of the client