Business Continuity

Triple C BCP services Include process mapping and preparation of emergency plans for the organization, preparation and a sequence of operations in emergency scenarios, periodic drills and testing. Triple C provides its clients with rooms to continue their work in times of emergency, including work environment, computer and telephone systems, Internet services and connecting the local network to the client’s DR environment in combination with private and public cloud computing, with the aid of professional and experienced computer staff. 
Triple C provides its customers with a disaster recovery plan that allows their business maximum continuity and full redundancy of IT structure. The plan includes:
  • Provision of  a standby site - that includes a replica of the main site’s infrastructure
  • Definition of possible disaster scenarios - and their probability of occurrence, in compliance with the client’s SLA parameters.
  • A Work environment in case of emergency in the DataCenter facility - work stations in time of emergency that allow the client to connect to the hosting servers at the facility. In addition, the client can have communication, telephone, Internet, backup and telephone support services that will allow him to continue his business activities in case of emergency.

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Saves Time

  • Emergency Plans and Drills - that are created in DR plans are meant to minimize down-time in an emergency situation
  • Work stations in case of DR are distributed in strategic points in the building for work purposes
  • Hosting facility - with the least amount of downtime in the market – TIER 4 of 99.995% for maximal reduction of downtime

Saves Money

  • Capability to host operations - in case of business continuity in dedicated work rooms both above ground and below ground
  • Disaster recovery services in the cloud save the expense of purchase and allow for monthly payments for equipment maintenance
  • Option for Financing and spreading out payments up to 36 months if necessary to sell computing equipment

Saves Resources

  • Availability of hosting facility in case of DR save the expenses of purchasing operatioonal and protection equipment  
  • Ability to pack servers to save resources with racks of 3.5KW to 12KW for high density hosting 
  • Option for management and maintenance of servers by a team of Triple C experts

24*7 Support

Helpdesk available at all hours of the day

Work Environment

Including Internet, Back-up, Support and required equipment

Emergency Plan

Writing an emergency plan for remote work

Remote Work

Ability to work on servers remotely

Skip Alert

Population ability for dozens of workers for business continuity

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Additional Services


Triple C hosting services comes in various levels of storage capacity, starting with a single U1 server up to cabinets of dedicated servers with a power supply customized to the needs of the client

Facility Infrastructure

Triple C’s data center was planes, built and managed according to the highest standards in the industry and provides the client with a safe, available and advanced environment for hosting physical IT infrastructure