Cloud Call Center

Cloud Call Center services provide all of the necessary technological serves for the modern office in the cloud, and on all types of Internet infrastructures, including basic ADSL lines without the limitation of a physical infrastructure whether for the office telephone or cellular phone. VoIP services, as with all computing services in Triple C’s cloud can be paid for according to the “pay per use” model, which defines the payment for the package according to the amount of use in the working model that charges per second of use. 

* Dialing abroad according to price list

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Saves Resources

  • VoIP Services are included in the “Pay Per Use” Model, which defines the cloud services and saves the expenses of a number of superfluous resources
  • VoIP Services are included in Triple C’s “One Stop Shop” model, which was created to meet as many as possible of the customer’s office requirements and to save the time of  setting up the services

Saves Money

  • VoIP Services save the expenses of purchasing PBX centers, which prevent flexibility and the capability for simple mobility
  • VoIP Services enable international calls at very low cost per minute per call
  • VoIP Services include flexibility in adding or removing extensions to save the expense of unused extensions 

Saves Time

  • VoIP Services reduce long waiting times in voice communications systems by convenient extension menus 
  • VoIP Services enable mobile communication and access from every location by defining calls between a fixed line and a mobile device
  • VoIP Services reduce customer waiting time by adding built-in voice messages in the system

Recording & Bursting

To real-time conversations

Simultaneous Connection

Defining calls between a fixed phone and a smartphone

Direct Inward Dialing

Defining permanent number for extension


Immediate connection between offices

Fax 2 Mail

Receiving fax to private inbox

Additional Information

Conversation Advantages:
  • Simultaneous ringing - ability to call home or mobile phone when the office is dialed
  • Follow me - ability to call an extension number or phone numbers outside the organization from anywhere in the world
  • Music or message while on hold - ability to personally customize messages or music while on hold
  • Special holiday messages - ability to personally customize voice messages for a specific email
  • Call filtering - ability to filter calls according to phone number or from unlisted numbers
  • Call transfer - easily transfer calls to a chosen number
  • Conference calls - easily and quickly set up conference calls
  • Recording - ability to record call in real time and save to a computer
  • Eavesdropping/joining calls - ability to listen to employee calls or train sales personnel by listening to calls, with the caller not hearing the listener
Service Advantages
  • IVR call router - a phone voice menu that offers information services and simple actions with no involvement of human elements
  • Remote office - access to the office from anywhere and at any time
  • Automatic extension registration - choosing a department or extension by voice menu
  • Walkie talkie - immediate communication between offices
  • Combined voice mail with advanced email - allows the transfer of voice messages to a specific email address
  • Real time reports - reports that include calls, actions, bills, history, and more
  • Queue entry - entering a queue if all lines are busy and hearing a chosen sound file
  • Direct inward dial (DID) - ability to directly call a predetermined number. Requires a dedicated number.
  • Fax2Mail - ability to get faxes to the customer’s personal email inbox

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