Triple C provides WAF (Web Application Firewall) services in collaboration with Radware. WAF provides a Firewall protection for sites and web based applications against hacker attacks and Automatic bots malware. These kinds of attacks can cause serious damage in the form of data theft, site corruption or exploitation of a single station in order to hack other stations.

WAF is a cloud based service, built on new and advanced technologies that can customize themselves to the evolving threats in the market. This service, based on the most advanced WAF technology in the world, conforms to the strictest standards in the world: PCI DSS v3.1, ISO28000, ISO27032, ISO27001, and ICSA Labs certified.
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Protects web based applications

Protects against Zero Day attacks

Protects against data theft

PCI Compatibility

Protects against SQL Injections

Additional Services


Triple C Antivirus services include Antivirus solutions which provide real-time protection for critical business assets

Trend Micro

Trend Micro Protection provides a full protection against the major cyber threats. this service is cloud based and provides support for Mac, Windows and smartphones.